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Wink-A New Search

Wink is a new search website,which searchs across link sharing sites like, Digg, Slashdot and Yahoo My Web 2.0 BETA!.It has two parts of result,one is Wink Search,another is web search which from other search engines.You can also "tag" your results directly in Wink.

Wink是一个新的搜索网站,它可以搜索穿越连接一些如, Digg, SlashdotYahoo My Web 2.0 BETA!之类的共享的网站。它的搜索结果分两个部分,一是来自Wink Search,还有一个是来自其他的搜索引擎。在Wink里你可以直接在你搜索的结果上帖上“标签”。

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