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Yahoo Open Shortcuts BETA

Yahoo has Launches Yahoo Open Shortcuts Seach Beta.It is similar Yubnub, you can creat any short letters navigate to any URL on the Internet.It also offers some shortcut names,such as !my
for My Yahoo!, !amazon for Amazon,!ebay for eBay,!flickr for flickr,but before you creat your own shortcut you need login your Yahoo ID.

Yahoo开始运行Yahoo Open Shortcuts Seach Beta。它与Yubnub相似,你能创立自己的缩写字引导任何你想要去的网站。它也提供一些已经创立的缩写字来引导一些网站,如:!amazon是Amazon,!ebay是eBay,!flickr是flickr。当然,在你创立自己的缩写字之前你必须登陆你的Yahoo帐号。

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