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Free Web Voice Messaging

V4S is a software for Skype. It can send voice messages to any email or Skype™ contact and use voicemail for Skype everywhere - even on mobile phones.
Anywhere you have access to the Net, from any device with a streaming audio player, you can play and manage the voicemails V4S has taken for you. V4S will take voicemails for you no matter where you are – at your main PC, logged onto Skype from a PDA, clubbing, whatever. V4S can also send you email or SMS alerts containing a link to new messages as they come in. Even from devices that don’t have a streaming audio player (like some mobile phones), you can still check to see what messages you have.
V4S is powered by Orb, so you can use your Orb ID for login.

V4S是基於Orb上開發的,所以也能用 Orb的用戶名登陸。

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