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Location-Based Internet Search & Navigation

Loki is the first application to combine the physical with the digital to make the Internet a truly personal and local experience. It lets you harness the World Wide Web by automatically identifying your exact physical location and then making the web revolve around you.
The Loki functionality is based on Skyhook Wireless WiFi Positioning System (WPS) which uses WiFi access points to triangulate a user's location. With WPS operating to determine and publish the user's latitude/longitude, street, address, zip code, city, state or general geographic area, the Loki users can efficiently and effectively use that location to quickly find the most and accurate information.
You need download a software which is a plugin for your broswer (IE & Firefox), it will set up a tool bar with broswer. Actually, it uses some useful information of internet such as Google Maps. Sounds cool. But it is not for other country.I have never try it, I don't know how cool it is.

Loki的服務是基於Skyhook Wireless WiFi Positioning System (WPS),用WiFi來測出你的三角位置,與WPS運轉系統來算出你所在位置的經維度、州、城市、街道、和地址,以及一個總的數據。Loki的用戶也能利用這個服務快速有效地發現當地及周邊環境的信息。
你必須下載一個瀏覽器(IE & Firefox)的插件,它會在瀏覽器上加入一個工具條Loki,利用網絡上的資源如Google地圖來告訴你的方位。聽上去是不是很誘人?但是對美國以外的地方它有一個服務區的問題。我沒有試過,所以並不了解真正的情況。

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