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Whonu Search With More Features

Whonu is a new search website,but it is not offer you results from search engine, it gives you some different searcg engine's links. Whonu has many functions, and these functions are very useful for searcher. Whonu provides categories (and associated icons) that can help you discover Web content, articles, facts, faqs, how to's guides, images, audio, podcasts, videos, trailers, news, reference content, PDFs, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, RSS feeds, reviews, and so much more. It uses flash so looks very cool.

Whonu是一個新的搜索網站,但是它并不直接提供搜索結果,而是給你一些從不同搜索引擎連接過來相關的連接。Whonu有不少功能,這些功能對搜索者來說非常實用。它提供一些搜索目錄,能幫助你從不同的目錄里搜索到你要的東西。這些目錄包括:網頁、文章、指南、圖片、影音、新聞、相關文檔、PDF和Word文檔,甚至是RSS feeds。Whonu使用的是flash模式,所以看上去很酷。

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