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Windows Live Expo

Microsoft never stop to research new feature for its website, after several nice websites have been launch, another website that call Windows Live Expo has launch.
Expo a dynamic social listing service that allows members to find and sell items, discover information, and meet other parties in their area – all for free!
With Expo, you can browse and post listings to those you trust, like your buddies, co-workers, and fellow students, or, to all Expo visitors.

微軟公司從來不會停止幵發它的網站功能,在它推出了一些很棒的網站后,又推出了名叫Windows Live Expo的網站。Expo是一個強大的名錄服務器,它允許用戶發現和銷售一些東西,了解一些信息,和与一些同地區的用戶相識-這一切都是免費的。用Expo,你可以對一些你信任的人瀏覽和發布信息,如你的朋友、合作伙伴、學校同學,或者是所有的Expo訪問者。

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