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Cheating Users Or Cheat Users?

I remember I wrote a report that talk about Talqer VoIP service last month. I tried its free phone call before I wrote, it was very good quality, and easy to use. But after I used Paypal to buy Talqer credit, my account has no any credit. I wrote email to Talqer several times, they told me just wait 3 or 4 days they will fix this problem that cause they can not distinguish between paid user and cheating. I paid $10 dollars for buy credit but now my account is "pending transactions". I can not use Talqer to call anywhere. I was very disappointed with Talqer, I think I do not want use it again.
Talqer sucks!


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talqer said...

Sometimes resolving some issues take much longer than you originally expect. Unfortunately this was the case for TalQer with your situation.

When we first launched TalQer we had a HUGE amount of fraud. Over 4/5 of our orders were fraudulent. A very large percentage of these fraudulent orders came from China or from Chinese speakers. We would get fraud from Argentina dialing only numbers in mainland China.

When you placed your order with TalQer we had a script running on our system that blocked your order because it may have been fraudulent. Unfortunately the actions of a few bad individuals caused an inconvenience for you and for others in your situation. We regret this and the new web site and billing system launched by TalQer a few days ago should resolve it.

I hope you can understand that when you are working to develop a new product that is very innovative and technologically complex there is a huge amount of work involved and you inevitably run into delays. I hope you can give TalQer another chance.