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MP3tunes Makes Music Everywhere

MP3tunes is a music service provider, providing individuals a personal music locker with unlimited storage online, making it possible to access one's music collection from any device.It also has an independent music store online. Michael Robertson, who was CEO of, he created this website.
MP3tunes Locker gives you unlimited online storage to back-up your entire personal music collection, including your playlists. You can sync your music collection in your MP3tunes Locker with your computers, portable players and devices. You're able to webload free tracks you find on the Internet directly into your MP3tunes Locker or sideload with one of our partners. You can play your music collection and playlists in iTunes and anywhere you have an Internet connection. Basic user is free, premium user is $39.95 per year.

MP3tunes是一個音樂網站服務商。它提供用戶單獨的、無限制的音樂儲存空間,使它適應各種不同的格式以便用戶使用。它也有一個獨立的網絡音樂商店以供用戶選擇購買。Michael Robertson這位前MP3.com的總裁創立了這個網站。
MP3tunes Locker給你無限的空間去儲存或背份你全部的音樂資料,包括歌手的名單。你可以通過sync的方式用任何電腦、便攜式播放機來播放你在MP3tunes Locker的音樂資料。你也可以用它的webload上傳你在網絡上發現的MP3連接,並保存在你的MP3tunes Locker。你可以用任何可以連接到網絡的電腦或其他裝置來播放你收藏的音樂。基本型用戶是免費的,高級用戶每年39.95美元。

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