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Ceedo - A Portable Working Environment

Ceedo is your personal, portable working environment, carried conveniently on your removable drive, ready to be used on any computer to plug into. Once you install Ceedo on your removable drive, it will be transformed from a simple storage gadget into a powerful plugged-in working environment for you to work with, anytime, anywhere. Ceedo Personal Edition is an easy to use, powerful program that can be easily downloaded and installed on your removable drive, immediately providing you with a personal, portable working environment. Ceedo is not a free service, after 30 days you must to buy service.

Ceedo是一個個人的、可攜帶的,專爲可移動硬盤配套的網絡環境軟件。你可以用它來接駁任何電腦運轉你的軟件,當你安裝了Ceedo到你的移動硬盤後,它會幫助你在任何地方、任何電腦上正常運轉。Ceedo Personal Edition是一個使用簡單,功能強大的軟件,立刻給你一個個人網絡環境。但是它不是免費服務,30天使用後必須購買服務。

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