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Clip Upload, Video Sharing Service

Clip Upload is a social video sharing service that offers unique features that will allow you to easily share videos privately and publicly with friends and family. Whether you want to link to a video clip on your website, blog, or only to a few private family members, Clip Upload has you covered. You can use 25 MB per video uploads, unlimited uploads and downloads,free for register.

Clip Upload是一個共享影像服務網站,它提供唯一的功能就是讓你更容易地將你的影像歸類到私人或公共部分與朋友和家人分享。無論是你將影像連接到你的個人網站或blog,或者僅僅是小範圍的家庭成員,Clip Upload都能做到。你可以上傳25MB的單個影像,無限制上傳空間和下載,免費注冊。

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