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Orbitfiles, Best Choice For Free Back Up & Store Files

Orbitfiles offers a very good platform that allows web users to easily back up their files online and share them. You can store or back up any kind of files such as, documents, movies, MP3s, presentations, photos and many more. Free user get 1GB space. Maximum file size to be uploaded with web base browser is 30BM, and if you use Hercules Uploader from your desktop that is no limit in the bandwidth. If you like share your files with other people you can set them for public. I think Orbitfiles is best one which I used free back up site.

Orbitfiles是一個非常好的在線背份和儲存服務網站,它允許你把一些重要的文件免費儲存在它的網站。你可以上傳任何格式的文件,如:文檔、影像、MP3、照片等等。免費用戶可享用1GB的空間,在線網站上傳的最大文件限制爲30BM,如果你在桌面上用它提供的Hercules Uploader不必擔心上傳的文件大小的限制。如果你想與他人分享你的文件的話,可以設定爲公共使用。我認爲Orbitfiles是我使用過的最好的免費背份和儲存網站。

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