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Soonr, Use Cell Phone Control Your Computer

Soonr is website that helps you access your computer from your cell phone, you need to download a program (SoonR Desktop Agent) that runs on your computer, and define which folders you want to access from your phone. This program allows you to leverage applications installed on your computer such as Outlook, Skype, or Desktop search. I have never use it, I am worried about security. If You are interesting about Soonr you can surf its website for know more detail.

Soonr是一個可以幫助你用移動電話來控制電腦的網站。你需要下載一個軟件( SoonR Desktop Agent)並在你的電腦上運行,設定一個可以通過移動電話來控制的文件夾。它可以讓你控制一些如:Outlook, Skype和桌面搜索。我並沒有使用過它,主要擔心它的安全性。如果你有興趣的話可以到它的網站了解更多信息。

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