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Chacha Searching Like Chacha Dancing

Chacha is an intelligent search site, that powered by human intelligence. It offers two kind of searching style: regular search or searching with guide. It very cool thing is you can live chat with a guide while you search some key words, you can ask him/her if you want, and he/she will helps you to search or focus right result.
I copied conversation with Chacha Guide below:

Status: Looking for a guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: AnneS
AnneS: Hi there. I will be helping with your search.
AnneS: Hi!
AnneS: What is it I can help you with?
You: yes,how can I use chacha search?
AnneS: Basically, you can just ask me to find what you are looking for
You: I just search some key words but it just shows me a few results
AnneS: I'll post links to the results, and if you want to narrow things down along the way we can do that too
AnneS: Those were probably the results of past guided searches
AnneS: so they could help if you were looking for the same thing...
You: ok,I want search key word: ajax
AnneS: Ok.
AnneS: There's an 'ajax' that
AnneS: a greek hero
AnneS: and another that is a programming platform
AnneS: were you looking for one of these, or something else?
You: good, that is all what I wanted
You: thanks
AnneS: No problem
AnneS: The other thing about chacha is that I can pull up results for you...
AnneS: that
AnneS: That's the basic idea, anyway
You: I am a blogger,I want test chacha search.
AnneS: OK, cool.
AnneS: Is there anything else I can help you with?
You: No, thanks
AnneS: Ok, then. Have a nice day!
AnneS: Please RATE ME when you see the five stars. Thanks for using ChaCha.
Status: Session ended.

Status: 尋找指導人......
Status: 聯系到指導人: AnneS
AnneS: 你好,我將幫助你進行搜索。
AnneS: 你好!
AnneS: 我能幫你嗎?
You (這是對話環境中我的稱呼): 是的,我如何使用ChaCha搜索?
AnneS: 最簡單的是你可以問我你想要搜索什麽。
You: 我想搜索一些關鍵詞,但是它給我太少結果。
AnneS: 我會提供一些搜索結果,如果你想集中在單一的題目裏,我可以幫你這麽進行。
AnneS: 那些的結果可能是過去的搜索指導下的結果。
AnneS: 所以如果你是在搜索相同的題目時他們可能會對你有幫助......
You: 好的,我想搜索的關鍵詞是: ajax
AnneS: 沒問題。
AnneS: 那是一個有關“ajax”的條文。
AnneS: ......是一個希臘英雄的名字。
AnneS: 還有一個是一個網絡平台。
AnneS: 你是在搜索這些嗎,還是別的?
You: 不錯,它正是我想要搜索的結果。
You: 謝謝。
AnneS: 沒問題。
AnneS: 還有一個功能是我可以將搜索結果提供給你......
AnneS: ......象這樣 ( 她將搜索結果推到頁面框裏 )
AnneS: 這是簡單的方法。
You: 我是一個blogger,我想測試一下ChaCha的搜索功能。
AnneS: 還有別的需要我幫助嗎?
You: 沒有了,多謝。
AnneS: 好的,那麽祝你有一個美好的一天!
AnneS: 當你看到五棵星時請你推薦我。謝謝你使用ChaCha搜索。
Status: 結束。

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