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Online Robot Speaking For You

Speegle is a search site, but it has special function that reads search results for you. You can pick male or female voice, and read title,URL,and description.
Speegle belong to CEC Systems company that base on Edinburgh UK. It has some other websites what offer more useful features, such as SpeegleBot, you can dialogue with a robot who can speak to you.
S3books, that offers some books for reading, if you don't like read book by your eyes you can doanload it to listen robot speaking read it for you.
Speakwire, that speaking read news via feeds.

Speegle屬于CEC Systems公司,它還有其他一些帶有特定功能有用的網站,如:SpeegleBot,你可以與一個機器人對話,它會與你語音對話。

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