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DéjàClick, Super Recording Bookmark?

DéjàClick is a web recorder and free super bookmark utility designed exclusively for Firefox. It is easy and fast to install it, and in seconds you can bookmark a multi-step recording. After you install, it add a bar on your firefox browser, with just one click, you can record what you do while you surf on web page. You can save it and play again. It is really cool. DéjàClick only for firefox browser 1.5 to 2.0 now, you can download at By the way, DéjàClick was built by Alertsite.

DéjàClick是一个用于Firefox浏览器上的网络录制器和超级书签。它很容易和快速地安装,只要几秒钟你就可以录制你浏览网站的进程。安装后,它会出现在你的Firefox浏览器的任务条上,只要点击它就可以进行录制你浏览网站的进程,并把它存下来供在次播放。它的确很酷。DéjàClick目前只限于在firefox 1.5到2.0的版本上运行。你可以到addons.mozilla.org上下载。顺便提一下,DéjàClick是由Alertsite公司发布的。

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