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Wikimapia, Map Wiki

Wikimapia is a Web 2.0 project to describe the whole planet Earth. It uses Google maps and Wikipedia. You can add place, picture on this map, and edit some information whatever you register or not. As Google maps, you can see regular map, hybrid, and satellite. You can search a place, pick different language to edit information. It is a public map, belong to everyone.

Wikimapia是一个Web 2.0的地图网站,它使用Google地图维基百科来让你在地图上编辑添加地址和信息。无论你是否注册你都可以添加地址、图片、编辑有关信息。和Google地图一样,你可以选择三种不同方法浏览:普通地图,鸟瞰和卫星照片。你还可以搜索地址,选择不同的语言去编辑信息。这是一个公共地图,属于大家。

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