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Grouptivity, A Collaborative Tool Via Email

Grouptivity is an online collaboration tool that leverages email and combines discussion boards, surveys, and scheduling all in one.
How can you do with it?
* Eliminates all emails going back and forth and gives you a central location to communicate with others
* Allows you to collect specific information by adding questions to your email/ groupMail
* Allows everyone in the groupMail to participate by posting comments, sending private messages, and chatting
* Let’s you to view other’s responses
* It’s easy and fun!
* It’s all done in just ONE email!

* 去除所有邮件的来回运作,给你一个以你为中心的社区
* 让你在加入邮件和邮件组时收集有效的信息
* 让你察看别人的评论
* 允许任何人在邮件组参与讨论、发送个人信息和交谈
* 简单、有趣
* 一切都以电子邮件完成

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