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Remote Desktop Controller

I Remote PC is remote desktop and file transfer access for your PCs. It helps you to use browser access and manage another PC anywhere in the world, like home, office, school. If you want share files with other people's PC, you can use it without upload file, direct to check, look, use, and download files. It is not a PC to PC software, it is a remote desktop controller. Both PCs need download a software from its website first, and free to use.

I Remote PC是一个为你的电脑设计的遥控桌面操作服务系统,它可以让你使用浏览器来遥控操作其他在世界上任何地方的电脑,如家庭、办公室、学校。如果你想与他人的电脑分享文件的话,你可以使用它而无需上传文件,直接查看、使用和下载文件。它不是电脑对电脑的软件,而是一个遥控桌面操纵器。当然,两个电脑都必须从它的网站上下载一个软件,免费使用。

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