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Only Humankind Can Do Mistake

Only Human is an online community where people share stories about mistakes they've made in life and their advice to others. It is a simple community but interesting. You can post your mistake stories or read some interesting stories from other people there. I think you will learn a lot. Yes, we did mistake cause we are human.

Only Human是一个在线社区,它让人们讲述大家在生活中曾经有过的过错,以便于大家分享生活中的经验和帮助那些没有这些经验的人。它是一个简单的网络社区,但非常有意思。你可以发表你过去的过失故事,也可以从他人那里读到一些非常有意思的故事。我想你会从中学到很多经验。是的,我们曾经犯错,因为我们是人。

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