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Portableapps, Your Portable Applications With Mobile Drive

Do you have USB flash drive, portable hard drive? What kind of file do you carried with these mobile drive, only music, video, document? or you want carry your favorite software such as browser with your full favorite links? If you simple copy software to mobile drive it does not working, so you need potable application for your software. Portableapps offers you several portable applications, from browser to anti-virus software, just download them into your mobile drive you do not need other additional software. You can use it with other PC, no worry about your data with your software. It is free.

你有移动硬盘或USB flash盘吗?你喜欢用它来携带什么样的东西?仅仅是图片、音乐、文件,还是一些你常常要用的软件?如果简单地拷贝软件到那些移动硬盘里是不会运转的,你需要特别程式。Portableapps提供你一些软件就包含了特别的程式,从浏览器到杀毒软件,只要简单地下载他们到你的移动盘中就可以随意在别的电脑上运转你的软件而无需特别的程式。也无需顾虑你的资料流失。它是免费的。

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