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Vombato Mail Drive

Do you have some email accounts with pop3 & smtp service? Do you have pain of send big file with your email? Ok, Vombato offers a software that allow you upload your file to your email account much easier than before, it call Vombato Mail Drive. After you download & setting, easy to use for sending file. It works any pop3/smtp email service, but it is not free software, you need pay license after used 21 days.

你有一些包含pop3和smtp服务的电子邮件账户吗?你是不是觉得用它来发送大的文件是件痛苦的事?现在,Vombato提供你一个软件,它让你传送那些文件比以前更容易简单。这个软件叫作Vombato Mail Drive。下载和设定后,你可以很容易地把文件上传到你电子邮件账户中。它可以运行在所有带pop3和smtp服务的电子邮件服务器上,

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