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Eyejot, Free Video Mail

Eyejot is a web-based online video messaging platform, that offers people to create and receive video messages in a self-contained, spam-free environment. Eyejot easily works with all of the popular Web browsers on Windows and Mac OS X, but it based on flash platform, so your browser need Adobe’s Flash player to running flash. Free to join it.

Eyejot是一个在线的、不用任何软件的影像电子邮件平台,它提供人们一个没有垃圾、自我建立和收发影像信息的地方。Eyejot非常容易在Windows和Mac OS X下任何浏览器工作,但是它基于flash平台,所以你的浏览器必须要能运转Adobe的Flash播放器来运转flash。免费注册。

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