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How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal

A video that name call "How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal" is popular on Youtube. The guy shows you how to use cellphone to increase wi-fi signal. Does it interesting? I have never test it, but I read Wong's blog, who wrote a blog that talk about his test result. I also watched some smart idea videos from Mark Erickson who is an Infinitesolutions guy.

一个叫"How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal"的影视在Youtube上很流行,一位先生向你显示如何用移动电话来增加网络移动服务器的信号。是不是很有趣?我没有试过,但是我看了Wong的blog,他写了测试后的观感。我也看了一些来自Mark Erickson,一个叫Infinitesolutions非常聪明的想法的短片。

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