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My 50 Tings I want To Do

My50 is a online list make site, that encourages people to make a list of the things that they would like to do in their lifetime. You can create your list, add descriptions, pictures and deadlines for each goal you set for yourself. It also has 50 suggestions for anyone. You can set your list "public" or "private", if it is "public", that means you like share it with other people.

My50是一个在线列表网站,它鼓励人们列出50件自己在这一生中想做的事。你可以建立自己的列表,加入具体细节、照片和时间表。该网站为人们设立了一个50个建议表。 你可以将自己的列表设定为“公开“和“私人“,如果是公开的话,这意味着你愿意与他人分享你的列表。

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