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Convert Your File Without Software

Media Convert is an online file convertor, that allow you convert many files to another (video, audio, document, office files) without special software. You can upload your file from your PC to website, or just type a link from another site, Media Convert will convert file for you, then you can download it. It is really fast and free. Maximum size is 150BM. Another similar service is Zamzar,maximum size is 100BM.

Media Convert是一个在线转换网站,它能让你不用任何软件就能在线转换不同的文件(音频、视频、办公文件、文档)。你可以从你的电脑中上传原文件到该网站,选择你需要的格式,然后下载转换好的文件。或者从别的网站上连接到该网站,转换后再下载。速度很快,而且免费。文件大小为150BM。另一个相同服务的网站是Zamzar,文件大小为100BM。

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