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KlipFolio, Desktop Widgets

KlipFolio is a personal dashboard. Small, consistent and easily configurable, KlipFolio can be used to monitor anything you want online--like weather, stocks, email, news, RSS feeds on your desktop. It has many different kind of information services which called "Klip", you can download "Klip" on KlipFolio. After did that, it will appear on your screen. It is really cool.
If you like you can download here.

KlipFolio是一个个人桌面面板。它很小,协调和容易定义。KlipFolio可以在桌面上显示任何你想要得在线服务,如天气、股票、电子邮件、新闻,或RSS feed等等。它有不同种类的信息服务,被称作"Klip"。你可以在它的网站上下载你喜欢的"Klip"。然后它会跃上你的桌面。它非常酷。

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