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Mixercast, Media Tracking, Mixing and Sharing

Mixercast is a free online service that allows users to create and share and track rich-media called Mixercasts. Creating a Mixercast is as easy as just dragging and dropping your media in the Mixercast Wizard or Designer, Sharing is as easy as sending an email or pasting HTML code into your favorite website or blog. It looks fun. Free register.

Mixercast是一个免费在线服务,它让你抓取、创立和分享一种多媒体,它称为Mixercast。建立一个Mixercast非常容易,只要拖拉你的媒体到Mixercast Wizard或设计者,分享也很容易地用电子邮件发送,还可以用HTML代码粘贴到你的网站和blog上。看上去很有趣。免费注册。

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