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Online Preview Your Tattoo

Mock Up My Tattoo is the first online service that allows people to see what their favorite tattoo would look like on them before any permanent artwork on their skin!
How does it work?
# Upload a your photo (I am not sure what kind of photo does it required)
# Upload a tattoo design you would like to use (or select one which offered by that site)
# Tell it where you would like your tattoo design to appear on your photo
After that, it will make a photo which show your favorite tattoo on your body.
Sounds cool? Yes, but it is not free service, you need pay $6.99 Australian dollars.

Mock Up My Tattoo是第一个在线纹身服务网站,它提供一个机会在你纹身前可以预先看一下该图案在你身上的模样。它如何做的?
# 上传你的照片(我不知道什么样的照片)
# 上传你设计的或从该网站挑选一张纹身图案
# 告诉它你想在你身上的哪个部位纹身

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