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Wiredness, Web-Based Photo Editor

Wiredness is a new online photo editor by ajax. As other web-based photo editor, you can upload or link a photo from a web address, change size, add text, make effects. It is really cool that after you edit your photo almost you can see the result at same time. Now, it just supports PNG, GIF, JPEG and BMP, 5MB Maximum file size.

Wiredness是一个新的运用ajax的在线图片编辑器。和其他在线图片编辑器一样,你可以上传或从另外的网站中连接图片,然后进行编辑尺寸、加入文字、制造特殊效果。它最酷的地方是在你编辑图片后几乎可以马上看到结果。现在,它只支持PNG, GIF, JPEG和BMP图片格式, 最大文件为5MB。

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