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Aftervote, Search With More Web Tools

Aftervote is a search site that puts several search engines together with some useful tools. It has web, image, and video search option. The search results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. With each search site, it shows you page ranking on the various search engines, Alexa ranking, bookmark, and so on. I think most video search results from Youtube.

Aftervote是一个搜索网站,它将一些搜索引擎放在一起,并加入了一些有用的网络工具。它有网站、图像和视频的搜索选项。搜索结果来自Google, Yahoo, 和MSN。在每个搜索的网站的同时给你一些该网站的信息如网页排行,Alexa排行,书签和其他一些工具。我想它的视频搜索大多数来自Youtube

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