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BloggerSnap, A Webcam Tool With Your Site

Blogger Snap is a online tool which allows your visitors to easily post on your blog or website a snapshot taken with their webcam. Free register, and simple change some sittings, copy and paste code onto your blog or website. Visitors can take their snapshot on your site. Sounds interesting, but
I just check this site quickly and I found a lot's site are not fit kids.

Blogger Snap是一个在线工具,它让访问者非常容易地用网络摄像头来拍摄相片并留在你的网站上。免费注册,简单更改设置,拷贝和粘贴代码到你的blog或网站上。这样,你的访问者就可以用摄像头来拍摄自己的相片,并显示在网站上。听上去很不错,但我简单看了一下这个网站,我发现有很多使用该工具的网站并不适合未成年人。

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