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Mylot, My Subject My Channel

Mylot is an online community that similar My Space but much clean. After you registered you have own channel which displays your interest subjects, discussions, photos, news, and blogs. If you do not want to do anything you can just read news from different subjects that you like; if you are an online active person you have a lot of things to do. Actually, I do not like My Space, because too much stuff that you do not need, it looks mess interface if you want a few items on your channel. I think Mylot is much better. Try it, it is pretty cool. You will enjoying it I think.

Mylot是一个在线社区,它有点像My Space但比它要干净。在你注册后可以拥有个人频道,它会显示你感兴趣的题目、讨论话题、像片、新闻和blog。如果你不想做什么的话,可以阅读你感兴趣的来自不同主题的新闻;如果你是一个网络活跃分子的话,那么你就有很多事情可以做。事实上,我个人不太喜欢My Space,因为太多的东西你并不需要,如果你只需要较少的主题的话,那么它看上去太杂乱。我想Mylot比它要好得多。试试,很酷。我想你会喜欢的。

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