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BlogTV, A Blog Live Show

Have you heared Blog TV before? I think many people know broadcast in audio, or personal radio, Blog TV is a live show, which show you a blogger typing, talking live. I think it similar a instant messenger's webcam, but it is for public, you can watch it without sign in. You can talk with that blogger. It is a pretty cool if someone like shows people. I did not check more detail, I think maybe some people want use it in erotic show (how can you control kids enter this site?). It is a personal webcam for public. It is a brand new service, if you want show people you need a webcam and broadband internet access.

你听说过Blog TV吗?我想很多人知道播客(音频blog)或个人电台。Blog TV是一个blog现场转播,你可以看到一个人在写blog或与人交谈。我想这有点类似即时通里的视频,但它是公开的,任何人不用注册就可以观看,也可以与之交流,发送短消息。如果有人喜欢表现的话,这倒是一个非常酷的工具。我没有查看所有的细节,我想也许有人会是用它来作为色情表演(如何控制未成年人进入?)。它更像一个公开的个人网络摄像头。它只一个全新的网络服务,你所需要的是一个摄像头和宽频网络接入就可以进行向大众表现自己。

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