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ShowMeDo, A Good Teaching Via Video

Show Me Do is a good teaching site, that uses video to show you how to do something you want learning. The subject only for computer in this site. It is not only for learner, if you know some computer skills you can contribute it; if you want learn something which does not have there, you can have a request there, and someone knew that who can posts video. I think it is a good education community, and people will like it.

Show Me Do是一个非常不错的教学网站,它使用视频来教你如何做一些你想学的东西。教学题目仅限于电脑。它不仅适合学习者,如果你知道有关电脑技巧的话也可以参与到该网站;如果你想学的东西没有出现在那里的话,你还可以在该网站上发布一个请求,知道的人可以发布视频来帮助你。我想这是一个教学社区,大家会喜欢它。

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