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An Online Screencast Tool

Today I was translating an interesting article-Create, Publish and Export Screencasts that from Ghacks which is a very good technology blog, the article introduces an web tool on Screencast-o-matic, that helps you create a video recording of your screen without download any software. Usually, I use a free software that called CamStudio to create something that I want show other people on computer. I did not try that tool but I have visited Screencast-o-matic site. It has some demos there, and it looks easy to using. Actually, I wonder how quality and speed is. File export format is Quicktime (.mov). CamStudio can export two kind of formats, flash (SWF) and AVI. I can not say anything about that tool before I try, but more choices better than no choice.

今天我翻译了一篇Ghacks上的文章-在线截屏视频制作,它介绍在Screencast-o-matic网站上的一个截屏视频工具,它能帮助人们不用下载任何工具就可以截取屏幕上的内容制成视频文件。通常,我使用的是一个免费软件CamStudio来制作一些截屏视频文件用于在电脑上展示。我没有用过这个在线工具,但我访问了Screencast-o-matic网站,上面有一些样板,看上去好像使用比较简单。事实上,我想知道它的质量和速度。文件输出格式为Quicktime (.mov),而CamStudio的输出格式有两种,flash (SWF)和AVI。在我试用前我不能说些什么,但是有选择总比没有选择要好。

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