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Movers 2.0, Web 2.0 Tracking

If you are interesting about web 2.0 sites maybe you like check them often, I mean your favorite web 2.0 sites. If you want find new web 2.0 sites maybe you can go some web 2.0 directories such as Techcrunch, MoMB, Ehub, Mashableand so on. But how do you know web 2.0 site's traffic trend? Movers 2.0 tracks web 2.0 metrics, Alexa Rank, Technorati Links, Google Links. You can see top 100 sites, and other features there. This is a good tool for track web 2.0.
The Movers 2.0 was created by Eran Arkin, one of the developers on the eSnips team.

如果你对web 2.0网站感兴趣的话你会常常去查看他们(你喜欢的web 2.0网站)。如果你想发现新的web 2.0网站,可以去一些web 2.0目录网站如:Techcrunch, MoMB, Ehub, Mashable等等。但是你如何知道web 2.0网站的走势?Movers 2.0就是这样一个专门追踪和统计web 2.0网站排名和流量的网站。它可以显示一些数据分别来自Alexa Rank, Technorati Links, Google Links。你还可以看到前100名的网站和别的特点。这是一个不错的追踪web 2.0网站的工具。
Movers 2.0网站的创立者是Eran Arkin,他是eSnips开发团队的成员之一。

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