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RapidShare Links

Are you looking for something to download on RapidShare which is a free file host? How can you find some useful things which you wanted from thousands stuff on that server? Maybe RapidShare Links can help you a little on this way. It offers many useful links in different subjects such as software, game, movie, TV serials on RapidShare. Actually, RapidShare Links is a kind of online community, people can recommend or vote links. But I could not find any user register form, it has sign in/password bars. I am not sure how many members there. If you just want find something to download on RapidShare, you do not need register.

你是不是在免费储存网站RapidShare上寻找一些可以下载的东西吗?你如何在该服务器上成千上万的文件中发现你感兴趣的东西?也许RapidShare Links能给你一点帮助。它提供很多在RapidShare服务器上有用的下载链接,并分类成软件、游戏、电影和电视系列片。事实上,它类似一个在线社区,人们可以推荐和评选实用的下载链接。但我并没有在它的网站上发现注册标记,上面只有成员入口。我无法确定那里有多少成员。如果你只想发现RapidShare下载链接的话则无需注册。

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