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Bookmark Master, Mister Wong (Chinese)

Mister Wong is a social bookmark site (Chinese), that company based on Germany but it has different language site included Chinese. I was a little surprised about it does not has English site (only one simple page). Mister Wong German version is a largest social bookmark portal in Europe, that according to its website says. The Chinese version looks similar other Chinese bookmark sites, one nice feature is you can set your bookmark for personal or public. It also uses tags for quick search. This is a Simple Chinese version site, I do not know about German version, if you know German you can go Mister Wong German version, maybe it is better than Chinese version.

Mister Wong是一个社会性网络书签网站(简体中文),它是一个德国公司但有一些不同语言版本,包括中文。我有一点意外它没有英文版本(只有一个简单的网页)。据它的网站介绍,Mister Wong德文版是欧洲最大的网络书签服务商。中文版看上去与其他的中文书签网站并没有什么不同,有一个不错的功能是可以将你的书签设定为私人或公共使用。它也提供标签让你快速搜索。这是一个简体中文网站,我不知道德文版如何,如果你懂德文的话可以到Mister Wong德文版看看,也许它好于中文版。

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