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9 Minutes Of Fame

9 Minutes of Fame is an interesting service that offers your blog or website 9 minutes on its site with frame, but it is similar a competition you must put your address or rss enter a bar quicker than other people. If you got your blog or site will stay on 9 Minutes of Fame with frame. Try play it maybe fun.

9 Minutes of Fame是一个有趣的网络服务,它提供你的blog或网站一个机会登上它的网站首页,不过这好像是一个竞赛,看谁先输入网址。如果你比他人先输入的话,你的blog或网站就会用框架的方式登上9 Minutes of Fame首页九分钟。成名九分钟,这也是它网站的名字。试试看,也许很有趣。

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