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Death Switch, A Special Web Service

Death Switch is an interesting web service, that keeps your personal internet information till you died, after you death it will send your data to your family, co-work,or close friend, they can know how to enter your internet account. Sounds crazy but it is a pretty cool idea, I think. It will make a regular schedule to make sure you are still alive, after system several prompts if you did not reply, it will send a message to someone who you trusted. But it is not a free service, that costs $19.95 a year.

Death Switch是一个有趣的网络服务网站,它为你保存你的网络信息直到你死亡,之后,它会将你的网络信息发送给你的家人、同事或好朋友,他们可以知道如何进入你的网络账户。听上去好像有点不可思议,但我认为这是一个非常酷的主意。它会设定一个常规的询问时间表来确定你还活着。如果经过几次联系你没有回复的话,它会发给你所信任的人一封邮件包含你的网络信息。不过,这是一个付费服务,每年的费用为19.95美元。

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