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My Live Signature

My Live Signature is a web service that offers and creates live signature for you. It has two ways to create your signature, one is you can pick one from its system pre-made signatures; another one is you can write down your signature, scan and upload it to Mylivesignature. It is a pretty cool tool. If you really like it you can pay it for animate signature. Look my signature below.

My Live Signature是一个网络服务网站,它提供和为你创立你的签名。有两种方法来取得签名,一是从它的系统资料库中选择一个你喜欢的签名;二是你可以写在纸上,扫描和上传到My Live Signature。它是一个非常酷的工具。如果你真的喜欢这个签名的话,还可以付钱来取得动画签名。查看我上面的签名。

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