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Mooter, The Power Of Relevance

Mooter is a search site, that lets you choose some relevant subjects searching. It is really simple but useful. If you want search a country you can focus your subject. I want search Japanese movie, so I can type "Japan movie", it shows me some relevant subjects such as English, Japanese, anime, comedy, and so on, you can choose your subject do deep search. Mooter makes search pretty easer than before.

Mooter是一个搜索网站,它让你选择相关主题搜索。它很简单但很实用。如果你想搜索一个国家,你可以将搜索对象集中在一个主题上。我想搜索有关日本电影,所以我输入“Japan movie”, 它显示出一些相关的主题,如英语、日语、动画、喜剧等,你可以选择你想要得主题进一步搜索。Mooter使搜索比以前更容易。

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