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Musical Community, Indaba

Indaba Music is an online musical community for musicians, that allows they make music, find other professional musical people. It also for fans, they can find some interesting music and musicians. I did not enter whole site, but something are really interesting. If you are interesting about new music maybe that site is good for you.

Indaba Music是一个专为音乐工作者建立的在线音乐社区,它让音乐家制作音乐,发现其他的职业音乐工作者。它也适合一般的音乐迷,他们可以发现有意思的音乐和音乐家。我没有细看这个网站,但有些音乐的确不错。如果你对新音乐有兴趣的话可以去看看。

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