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Online Invitation Sharing

I really like surfing online especially to find new sites, sometimes I found an interesting site but that only for invited. How can you do? Put your email address onto a queue or just give up? Invite Share is a nice site that collects invitations for different sites such as Pownce, Moola, myskitch, mint, etc. It is simple to register, then you can share your invitation with other people if you have them; or ask invitation and waiting for someone invite you. Good for people who like explorer new web service.

我特别喜欢浏览网站,尤其是那些新网站。但是有时候一些网站需要邀请才能注册。你能做什么呢?留下你的电子邮件等待邀请?还是放弃?Invite Share是一个不错的网站,它收集不同网站的邀请如Pownce, Moola, myskitch, mint等等。只要简单地注册就可以享受服务,如果你有邀请的话可以拿出来与他人分享,如果你需要邀请的话,可以索取并等待他人发出邀请。特别适合喜欢尝试新网站的人。

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