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Online Make Wallpaper For Cell Phone

Mobopic offers a web service that makes cell phone wallpaper for you. It is simple to do three steps to create your cell phone wallpaper, upload any picture (it supports JPG, PNG ang GIF files up to 2Mb), choose your cell phone from its presets and enjoy new wallpaper. Your personal picture only keep one day on its server, so you need download and keep it by yourself. The service is free.

Mobopic提供一个网络服务,它可以为你制作适合移动电话的墙纸。它非常简单,只要三个步骤即可完成:上传任何照片(它支持JPG, PNG和GIF 格式可达2Mb),从它预设的电话品牌中选择适合你的移动电话,最后是完成享受你的移动电话墙纸。你的个人像片只保留一天,所以你需要下载它自己保存。该在线服务是免费的。

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