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Browse And Search In A 3D Space

I think you know how to search with many search tools, and maybe you use several browsers to surf online, but I guess maybe you have never use a tool to browse or search with 3D screen. Spacetime gives you this kind of experience, you can use its tool to browse any website with one window but different tabs, and they are sliding in 3D. You can also use it to search on Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Youtube and so on. While you use image search it can store pictures, that lets you feel you have a 3D space online. It is really cool. If you want try you can download this tool PREVIOUS VERSION on its website.

我想你一定知道如何用很多的工具来搜索,也许你是用一些浏览器来浏览网页,但我猜想你可能从来没有体验过用一个工具在一个3D空间来搜索和浏览网页。Spacetime给你这种体验,你可以使用这个工具来浏览任何网站,它只使用一个窗口但有不同的附窗口,而且它们可以在一个3D空间里移动。你也可以使用它在Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Youtube等不同的网站上搜索。在你是用图片搜索时它会储存图片,这让你感觉你有一个在线3D空间。非常酷!如果你想试试的话,可以到它的网站上下载非正式版。

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