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Fake Google MP3 Player In China

Google Blogoscoped posted a picture that shows Google sell a MP3 player in China. As many people think that would be a fake product, I know many fake products are popular in China. Last month when I was traveling in China, I still found many fake products there. I will not surprise about one day some stores sell fake iPhone in China.

Google Blogoscoped发表了一张照片,它显示Google在中国销售一种MP3播放机。如大多数人所想的那样这是一个假冒产品,据我所知假冒商品在中国很流行。上个月我在中国旅行时我依然发现不少假冒商品。如果有一天在中国的商店内销售假冒的iPhone我并不会感到吃惊。

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