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Marry Your Daughter Or Sell Your Daughter?

I was surprised when I read a blog that mention a website - Marry Your Daughter which is a web community, it looks similar an online dating community, but it lets people introduce their daughters to marry somebody. I was shocked about it has price on as merchandise. According to that website says, that service just for U.S. people. In U.S., girl can get marriage at 13 years old with parent's permission, so it says that legal in America. It also use Bible say that Bride Price from. I read some girls are just 15, 16 years old, how can their parents sell them (sounds like that)? The website says no sexual or sexually explicit behavior, but how can you control that?

在我读到一个blog它提到一个叫Marry Your Daughter的网站,看上去它与一些网络约会的网站差不多,但它让人们介绍自己的女儿嫁给他人。我非常吃惊的是它还标明价格如同商品一样。据该网站说该服务仅提供给美国境内的人。在美国,女子可以在得到父母的同意的情况下13岁就可以嫁人,所以它说该服务在美国完全合法。它还举证圣经上提到可以允许收取新娘费用。我看了一下该网站上的女子,大多只有15、16岁,这些父母怎么能够出卖(听上去就是如此)她们?该网站说不允许谈与性有关的东西,但问题在于它如何控制它?

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