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Find Web 2.0 Talents Around The World

Who's Web is a website that uses Google Map to shows who has web 2.0 talent around the world on the map. If you are a web developer, webdesigner, CCS layout specialist, web-marketer, project manager you can join it. After you registered you can find someone can help you in your area, extend your network by experts and passionated people, and also meet them.

Who's Web是一个使用Google地图来显示世界范围的具有web 2.0人才的网站。如果你是一个网站开发者、网站设计者、网络销售者、项目管理者都可以加入。在你注册后你可以发现你本地可以帮助你的人,扩展你的专业人脉,并有机会与他们相见。

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