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MyGOYA, A German Portable Desktop

Magix is a German company that develops audio and video software, recently it offers a “portable desktop” to public. MyGOYA looks very fashion and easy to using, but it still in beta. After free registered you can create an account, that uses https protocol sign in. You can see a virtual system that has some messages inside: email, contact, calendar. MyGOYA offers 512MB space for free to store email and other files. You can use it as your own computer, such as store your file, organize your email and contact, talking with other people, use calendar make events, play media. It also connect other Magix's free services, such as photo album or make website and blog.
MyGOYA is not require special environment of system, you can use Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. It also has English and German versions.

Magix是一个德国音频和视频的软件开发公司,近来它决定开放了一个“可携带桌面”免费对大众开放注册。它看上去非常时髦,用起来也不错,不过它还处于测试版本。免费注册后可以建立一个账户,并用https加密方式登陆,你可以看到一个你的虚拟系统的端倪:一些信息、电子邮件、联系人、日历记录会在你的虚拟硬盘空间上。MyGOYA提供512MB免费空间来储存电子邮件和其他一些文件。你可以象自己电脑系统上那样运行这个虚拟系统,如储存文件、管理电子邮件和联系人,与他人聊天,用日历来计划事情,播放多媒体文件,计划任务等等,它也可以连接别的Magix免费服务如相片专辑,网站和blog制作等。使用MyGOYA并不需要特别的系统要求,可以使用Firefox, Internet Explorer和Opera浏览器进入。

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